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Let's Get Ready Kids

Lets Get Ready Kids

Let's get ready for an emergency! Children's activity book

Join the colourful characters designed to get children involved in thinking how they can be prepared for and respond to emergencies, help them build their confidence and to become more responsible individuals. The booklet raises awareness of emergencies, how they can help themselves, and plan in advance.

The booklet is aimed at children sharing their new knowledge and ideas with their parents/carers and to promote emergency preparedness to adults too, for example, asking their parents/carers if they have properly working smoke alarms or valid home insurance.

Children's activity book (pdf 3mb opens in new window)

If you’re interested in purchasing printed booklets for your school or group, please get in touch.

A certificate has been produced to accompany the activity book, to be awarded to the child on completion of the activity book. 

Children's activity book completion certificate (pdf 201kb opens in new window)

The booklet was developed after case studies from the Lancaster University Children, Young People and Flooding Project, reported that children wanted to know more about what could happen in an emergency and expressed an interest in becoming involved in emergency planning. 

Children, Young People and Flooding Project (External Website)

We envisage the activity book will be primarily used by teachers/group leaders for children completing Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. A resource document has been produced that includes tips and hints on how to fit the activity book into existing lessons. However, the activity book is designed in such a way that it could be completed at home if download by a parent or carer.

Children's activity book resource document (pdf 497kb opens in new window)

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Getting kids involved...

Planning for an emergency should involve the whole household not just the adults. During emergency situations children can feel extremely stressed and anxious. It’s best to include children in the process of preparing for an emergency from the start. By doing this they will feel empowered, safer and have the knowledge of what to do when an emergency happens. We have put together some videos to explain to children what they can do to prepare for an emergency.

Preparing children for emergencies - primary age

Preparing children for emergencies - secondary age

We have also produced some colouring sheets so that even the very youngest children can feel part of the process and remind the household of the steps it should take in preparing for an emergency.

Colouring sheets for kids (pdf 380kb opens in new window)

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