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Let's get ready for an emergency

Don’t panic! The chances of getting caught up in an emergency are small, but it’s still a good idea to think about what you would do if you were involved.

Emergencies can really disrupt our daily lives. We can’t usually stop them from happening, but we can plan ahead to minimise the impact. This website outlines simple steps you can take to prepare for an emergency. A few minutes thinking about it now could make a big difference in keeping you and your family safe.

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen – prepare now! Once you are prepared – encourage your friends and neighbours to be too!


Community Emergency Planning

Key info that you will need for your community in an emergency.

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LRF Wordell

Humber Local Resilience Forum

Key info for multi-agency partners within the Humber.

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Business Continuity Plan for Wesley Welders

Business Continuity Templates

Information and resources to make your business more resilient.

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Popular pages

Preparing for the unexpected - teaser im

Let's Get Ready

Advice and simple steps on how you can plan ahead to minimise the impact of emergencies.

Plan B Sign

Let's Get Ready Business

Advice on minimising the impact of emergencies such as flooding, snow or fire on your business.

Lets get ready community sml

Let's Get Ready Community

Key contacts, local information and action prompts to help support your community in an emergency.

Road closed sign - teaser im


Action to take to before and after a flood to help, safeguard your home and possessions.

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Seasonal and pandemic flu sml

Seasonal and pandemic flu

Signs and symptoms, how its caught, spotting the symptoms and protecting yourself.

Representation of critical resources

Critical Activities

Identifying the activities you can't afford to be disrupted in a crisis and helping you to prioritise.

Numbers counting down to film

Business Continuity video

Videos to assist your business continuity planning reduce the disruptive impact of a crisis.

Neighbourhood Plan Templates

Neighbourhood Plans

Why you should consider having a neighbourhood plan, what to include and the benefits.